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You are My Home, You Have My Heart, Here's to You

Oh sweet lover hiding in my mirror,

With eyes of emerald searing looks of sincerity.

You are met with magic ever drawing me nearer, 

and your smile, my favorite peculiarity. 

Even your daydreams grow envious seeing the marvel you have become...

Never again will your heart song go unsung.

Commencement Exhibition : Welcome

This collection of illustrations and accompanying zines strives to bring the sweetness and tenderness of poetry to be communicated both lyrically and visually. My project seeks to combine my passion for art, my interest in creative writing, and my personal voice as a creator. The final exhibition includes four zines, featuring poems about my experiences with memories, joy, love, and melancholy, as well as four large-scale illustrations to expand on each story.

Riley Wright, Spring 2023

Commencement Exhibition : Quote

Morning Monologues Only My Memories Would Understand

Whispering is wistful, and I find the wistful in early morning whispers, emanating from eerie halls and the childhood bedrooms of my sisters. In the bottom bunk, I would listen as hushed tones trembled between pillows. The quietness was the product of both my mother’s “shhhhhhhh”s and young fingers covering one’s morning breath. In little shifts, one after another, we would crawl into the queen-sized bed in the middle of my parents’ bedroom, curling up beside the other. And alas, little secrets exchanged that only 9, 8, 5, and 3-year olds could ever understand.

Commencement Exhibition : Welcome

A Poem About the Specks of Light That Peak Through Every Sea of Shadows 

Melodious, harmonious,

I covet the most cherished part of our persons,

The pieces of us they make lockets out of…

Our mystical qualities, ethereal nature

Igniting the dance that not anyone has dared before,

Led solely, led only by our…

Undiscovered allures

We are but a configuration of geodes. 

Unassuming on the outside, but inside bursting with heart songs…

The ones just waiting to be liberated 

From a world dressed in shadows of our own doubt.

Commencement Exhibition : Welcome
Screen Shot 2023-05-03 at 4.35.49 PM.png

The Hopes I Hide in Between Murmurs by the Moon

In the moments where my mind wanders to wishing,

Your name is my first whisper.

Your dance, my desire.

On clouds we’ll crash to another realm of night

Where our dreams are alive,

And we finally collide.

Looking, longing, loving

I’ll keep seeking you in the serenades that lull me to sleep.

Waning, wandering, wishing, 

I find a childlike curiosity when it comes to facing you.

Commencement Exhibition : Welcome
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